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Join me on a Journey Beyond the Veil

Join me on a Journey Beyond the Veil

Can I ask... Do you feel a sense of being connected to something beyond this world? Do you know that your soul lives on beyond your physical life? Do you know that your soul chose to come here to fulfill an intention? Do you know what your soul’s purpose is for this lifetime? These are big questions, I know. But if you are still unsure about answers, there’s a huge opportunity just around the corner waiting for you... I’ve created a special program dedicated to unlocking these and other secrets of the afterlife, and I will be premiering this program on my upcoming Caribbean Cruise, .Journeying Beyond the Veil'! This ocean voyage will take us on a deep dive of the topics surrounding souls, spirits and enhanced communication between our side of reality and theirs. As someone who has already traveled into the spirit realm, I want to share with you how amazing and accessible it can be - and since I already did the hard work of dying from stage four lymphoma, you don’t have to learn the hard way I had to! And as a special treat and to enhance your learning, I’ve invited my dear friend and exceptionally acclaimed Psychic Medium, John Holland, to share his knowledge and expertise in communicating with the other side with you too! Together we will show you what it’s like to connect with spirit to receive messages from beyond the veil aimed to support you in your life’s journey. John will explain how spirit connects through him, and how he reads their esoteric messages. Real time spirit communication is a sure bet when John connects our cruise members to their deceased loved ones, and I’m so excited to have him on my cruise! While at sea, John and I, will be holding talks, leading deep meditative journeys, and directing your through various exercises showing you how to find your soul’s purpose, how to connect with spirit, and how to live your life feeling the support from your loved ones and guides on the other side. Being out in the middle of the ocean and away from our usual home environment, we will be perfectly situated to raise our energy to a level where we will be able to tune in to the guidance that emanates from our soul and beyond. On our nine-day journey together, we’ll embark from sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida on one of Holland America’s newest and most luxurious ships - MS Rotterdam - popping in and out of various historic and exotic ports of call tsuch as Willemstad, Curacao; Kralendijk, Bonaire; Oranjestad, Aruba; and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. At each port, you will get the opportunity to create lasting memories with excursions, adventure, and fun! I am so excited about this event. It’s not just the warm sun, sparkling sea, and exotic ports that I’m ready for, but the opportunity to get to know you, and help you find a new way forward in your life, through the connection to your soul, and other souls that support you. My spirit-centered cruise is sure to enhance your connection to the other side which lies beyond the veil, and I can’t wait to see you there! Much love, Anita ~ ~ #journey #beyondtheveil #anitamoorjani #johnholland
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