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Tapping into Infinity

Synchronicity and the idea of attraction have been given a lot of attention in recent years. The thought of things falling into place effortlessly because we’re attracting them, is alluring, but I prefer to think it is allowing rather than attracting.

We’re one with the universe, our purpose is to be our magnificent selves, and the external world is only a reflection of what’s inside us. A breakdown came in my life when my focus was outward, due to the comparisons I made, and the competition this created. I used to feel that there wasn’t enough for everyone, which caused greed and competitiveness. I always felt the need to convince others to think the way I did, instead of embracing our uniqueness and differences.

All these feelings came from the view that the universe is limited, when it’s actually infinite. It’s capable of growing and encompassing as much as we are. It’s up to us to expand and allow in as much as we want, but it has to be done from the inside out, not the other way around.

Once I realized that there’s nothing outside my infinite self, I could begin to focus on viewing myself as an ongoing work of perfection – but in a way that’s dynamic not static. Like a kaleidoscope that turns from one exquisite image to the next, perfection is constantly in motion. To me, this means seeing beauty in the journey and in the apparent mistakes as they take me to another level of understanding. My aim is to feel good enough about myself to get to a point of trust, and to let go of the outcome. When I observe my own infinite nature, my external world reflects this. Then I attract what’s best for me, which is also the best thing I can do for the universe.

Let these idea sink in for you this week...

I open up and trust, allowing all that is mine to come to me.


What is best for me is best for the universe.

Take note of how you feel when you focus on these concepts and whether you notice any changes in your day to day when you embody these beliefs.

Love, Anita

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Betiana Manfredi
Betiana Manfredi
Apr 21, 2023

I loved this text!! Thank you for this opportunity to read it. I often have some problems believing that all that is mine will come to me. Reading this allows me to be more trustful. Thank you for this!

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