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What Am I Afraid to Speak Out About?

In my recent live stream video, Your Afterlife Questions Answered!, I was asked a really great question that I haven’t handled before. Someone asked me,

Is there anything from your NDE that you haven’t shared and have been afraid of sharing?

This is a tricky question because the answer is a kind of ‘yes’. You see, there are certain things I drip feed to audiences who watch my social media appearances because there are certain things that I saw on the other side that if I shared freely on my public platforms, I would likely get a lot of pushback from certain powerful factions, and as a result would run the risk of getting taken down from these platforms.

Much of what I learned on the other side goes against mainstream beliefs across most spheres of our society, including what we learn from mainstream media; conventional religious teachings; the medical complex; government and political leaders; and so on. There are two elements that I take into consideration when sharing information on public platforms: One is that I have no intention of fighting against any of these sectors of society, because for me, the very idea of fighting against what I don’t believe in just drains the energy out of me! It doesn’t make for a very joyful life! Instead, I just forge my own path based on what I learned on the other side, and share with those who are interested. Secondly, our current methods of disseminating information to the public is both fear-based and divisive - which ironically contributes to the very issues we are often trying to alleviate! Therefore, I measure my language and gauge the audience to ensure I’m not creating more fear by shattering strongly held beliefs that individuals are not ready to release. That would only make me part of the problem and not part of the solution of alleviating the fear on our planet.

However, in private situations - such as my online Sanctuary and my in-person workshops and retreats, I do share candidly and deeply many of the things I discovered on the other side. I am able to speak freely on really provocative topics, and really go deep into the discourses because the attendees are people who already know my work and trust me. They are already disenchanted with all things mainstream, are ready to see the world differently, and have a desire to understand a completely different perspective on life and our purpose here.

Being in a pathological state of fear hurts us, and divides us - however, most mainstream organizations not only push a fear-filled agenda, they thrive on it! Their businesses depend on it. The last thing I want to do is give them more opportunity to ramp up their agendas so that they feel they have to get even louder than they already are. This is why I like to keep the full depth of my understanding from the other side for those who attend my events or are part of my online Sanctuary. I appreciate all of you who aren’t out to curtail my commentary, and who want to find emotional, physical and spiritual wellness in your own way.

Much love,



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Mireille Miskulin
Mireille Miskulin
Jul 18, 2023

Hello, Anita, I am curious what is your take on Shadow Work and integrating aspects of ourselves we've hidden (for various reasons)?

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