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Why You are NOT a Failure

You might be one of the people who have written to me through my social media posts on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, or you may have even expressed this idea inside the safety of my Sanctuary asking why you haven’t been cured from your physical dis-ease. “What have I done wrong?” or “I have done all the work, but I am still ill so what am I missing?” are some of the questions I receive.

I hear you and I understand that despite our efforts, sometimes our illnesses persist. But let me assure you, it’s not because you are a failure. There is no such thing because you are always doing the best you can. If you are doing the best you can, then this is simply a state of being, neither success nor failure applies because there’s no judgement attached to the idea “I’m doing the best I can”.

So if you could change your thought pattern a little bit, and instead of asking “what have I done wrong” or “what am I missing”, ask yourself “How can I help my soul’s journey today?” or “What can I do today to raise my energy?” When you shift your thoughts, your emotions shift too, and then your energy can increase. I know you can do this, so perhaps you could try to say these things and invite a higher vibe into your life.

On the topic of inviting a higher vibe, remember to also try and find humor on your journey, and bring some joy and fun into your life. Sometimes we become so focused on the dis-ease that we forget that there is so much more in our life that is actually going well. I’ve found that focusing on what’s working and what’s good in my life actually helps the healing process. Use your healing journey as a wake up call to find joy, passion and laughter again!

Much love,


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