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Self love is.

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Youre Here to Share Your Truth with the World

It brings me joy to know you’re here, exploring the possibility of a life that’s led by love instead of fear.


When you choose to live from a place of love, you’re free to be yourself, to connect with your desires, and to take action from a place of empowerment. When you choose to live from a place of fear, you’re always trying to fit in, denying who you really are to satisfy the expectations of others. The latter not only deprives you of tremendous joy, but it also deprives the world of the real you - the you that is unique, gifted, and a pure facet of the Universe.

You see, in every moment, you have a choice to either honor the part of you that craves something more or continue squeezing into a role that doesn’t allow you to thrive.

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Imagine what it would be like to get up every day knowing you are and always have been perfect, complete, and inseparable from Source.

  • Live with a soul-deep sense of self-love. Feeling completely whole and at peace with every aspect of who you are, joyously following your life purpose.

  • You no longer worry about how you’re perceived. You see the perfection in your imperfections. You’re no longer preoccupied with fixing yourself or your life—because you realize nothing is broken.

  • In this state of being, you’re freed from the prison of other people’s expectations and judgments. You allow the wisdom of your soul to express itself through you, and you could swear you feel a divine hand at your back, gently directing you.

  • You no longer question your worth or your intuition. You no longer wonder if your divine purpose really is what you suspect it is, or if you can muster the courage to manifest it.

  • There’s no longer a fear of being “too out there,” or “unrealistic” in your life’s mission, and there is absolutely nothing standing between you and all that unconditional love and the simple joy of being alive.

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Deep Down, I Wanted the Freedom to Be Me

I was a tough nut to crack. I had to die to experience those feelings. Up until my NDE, I’d lived my entire life in fear of disappointing others, and I believed there was something wrong with me in the moments I failed to meet their wishes. I battled with the part of myself that wanted to do things differently and carve my own path. 

I just didn’t know how. So I went on playing it safe, toeing the line between fitting in and honoring my true self.
While I did go on to pursue some of my greatest desires - one of them being marrying the love of my life - fear always remained underneath all my choices. No matter what challenge I faced, fear weakened my resolution. It filled me with doubt and triggered endless negative thoughts and feelings.

Choosing Love Over Fear

It wasn’t long before fear began to manifest itself in my physical form. At age 42, I found a lump in my shoulder and was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system, better known as lymphoma. After suffering for four years with cancer and then having a near-death experience (NDE), one of the biggest lessons I learned was that if I had known how to love myself, I probably never would have gotten sick.

I discovered that it’s everything that is NOT you—the beliefs that have kept you in bondage, and the fear (conscious or not) that dictated your choices, especially the fear of death—that keeps you from living a full-on, authentic, soulful life.

it’s about returning to your true essence so that you can see how powerful and magnificent you are. It’s about chipping away at what is not you. It’s about undoing, not doing.

I learned that my only purpose in life is to be a full expression of myself. To love myself to the core of my being. And to share my heart and soul with the world without fear. 

But you don’t have to die to come to these realizations. That’s why I share my message—to guide others to access this transformational wisdom.

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