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3 Ways to Hear Your Intuition

All of us have intuition. It’s our birthright to have this sense of just ‘knowing’ something. I think many of you know you have it, but sometimes it feels hard to access, doesn’t it. Maybe if you adopt some of the things I do to access my intuition, you can turn up the ‘volume’ on yours!

  1. Be still. Sometimes our lives are a bit hectic, so try to make a schedule of taking 60 seconds out once a day (around the same time) to give yourself a little practice in ‘hearing’.

  2. Take a walk in nature. Nature means we’re out of the sound of the city, or away from our family’s requests, or not listening to the drone of social noise around us. When nature’s sounds are your focus, you have a better chance of hearing your intuition’s voice.

  3. Let go of the feeling of lack. When we focus on ‘not connecting’ that energy stays with us and doesn’t help. So, in your still times or in your times out in nature, let go of the need to connect, and just be. Your intuition will come forth when you just allow it to speak to you in a way you can hear it.

Much Love,



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