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A Success Story!

I sure hope you are enjoying a good start to your summer and that it is packed with fun and relaxation! I am back from my conference in Sedona, and boy, was it amazing. I admit I was a bit nervous about the full-on nature of the conference and the travel on top of all that. I was a bit concerned about how it would affect my recuperation from burnout. So, I took some of my own advice, and found all the moments I could that uplifted me, and contributed to my happiness and sense of wholeness, and rested exactly when and where and how I wanted.

I was met by my two wonderful colleagues and dear friends, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. This reconnection with them was a crucial ingredient of the high-energy I needed in my self-love recipe. I was so pleased to be able to hug them and chat with them, and simply just be with them. We chatted about life, and learning, and love, and what we were doing to help ourselves remain charged. They shared their successes with me, and how they were managing to handle their own brand of burnout.

And you know, it wasn’t only about re-connection! It was also an opportunity for me to have an initial connection with the lovely Shamini Jain, and get to know her as a lovely soul. She was delightful, and so my gratitude grew because I got to learn a bit about her, and expand my circle. So, getting out there, and putting my worries to the side, and embracing the healthy and love-filled connections with my friends is a success for me!

I know it’s hard sometimes to listen to people’s good stories, and find the uplifting moments in them because we feel like we deserve those uplifting stories too. And I was there at a point of witnessing other people have really great success stories, wondering why everyone else was having a great time, and why they weren’t as burnt out as I was. I realized that I was leading my emotions with comparison. I was comparing my situation and life to theirs. And there just isn’t a place for that kind of thinking in self-love. Instead of being upset that I was down and burnt out, I needed to know that it is possible to be as happy and robust as others, and I can be happy for them. I just needed to love myself in the process, and not be upset with their success.

This is why I keep reminding myself that success stories are very important. They are what give us hope, and give us inspirational thoughts or ideas which we can adopt into our lives.

So, my success story is that I went to Sedona after severe burn out, and I did it. I didn’t tank while I was there, and while I still have to watch my energy levels and look after my own chosen way forward, I was successful at delivering my message enthusiastically, and introducing my new subject matter - What it is to be a consciously aware human!

I'm so energized by this new direction and can't wait to expand upon it with you!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

Here are some of my favorite photos of the event!

Photos by: Krisanna Sexton of Live Wild Films.


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