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Accepting Sensitivity as a Strength

Do you believe your sensitivity can be a strength? It is true! You might know that I wrote a whole book on it - “Sensitive is the New Strong” (March 2021), and yes, I really do mean it! Sensitivity IS a strength, if you can open your heart to accept it, and at the same time open your mind by focussing on the things that can help you!

So many empaths have a hard time believing that their sensitive side is anything but a curse. Because of your sensitivity, you often feel the brunt of everything that surrounds us. You feel the pain, noise, hurt, anger or frustration of everything and everyone around you. And, it affects your entire way of being. But try just for a minute, right now, to focus on all the wonder, excitement, love, grace, and kindness that is around you, instead. If you could more frequently shift your focus to feeling these more uplifting things in the world, then your energy will rise, and your healing takes advantage of these high vibes! Your focus matters. Your acceptance of your sensitivity matters too! Accept it, love all of it, and then open your mind and heart to focus on the wonders of the world in front of you! Your strength will become obvious!

Much love, Anita


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