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Debunkers and Health Choices

Every time I hear someone take a jab at homoeopathy, naturopathy, energy treatments or other kinds of complementary therapies, I want to blurt out: ”But, our ancestors had this wisdom for hundreds, if not thousands of generations! They can’t all be wrong!” I admit that sometimes I can feel defensive about these kinds of comments that go against the grain of what I learned about the efficacy of our own choice of healing modalities.

Energy medicine and all of the other holistic approaches have been around for generations, yet still today, hard core science wants to push it into the background. It’s a little frustrating that the established allopathic medical industry tries to sideline alternative approaches, and some actively try to debunk some of our holistic or spiritual ideals. So what I want to remind you about is that no matter what you choose for your wellness/health trajectory, you do it from a place of love for your body, mind and soul. You needn’t feel you have to defend your position. It’s yours to make, and any amount of argument against your honestly held beliefs does not require defense.

I’ve said before that if I needed emergency medical attention, I’d go to the ER without delay. I can’t suture myself if I cut myself by accident. I can’t operate on myself if I have a burst appendix. So, the ER and medical doctors’ expertise is really valuable in those times. I wouldn’t even pause to think about it; I’d get to the hospital quickly so that I could then get on with the follow up holistic treatment that I know will help me proceed with comfort.

I recently did a Facebook Live with my colleague Dr Shamini Jain (watch it here). She talks about her continuing scientific research into energy medicine, and how she feels she has been shunned and shut out of communicating her results and concepts on certain platforms. I agree with her that we need to keep pressing forward despite this resistance, and not be afraid to put our thoughts forward in this unfriendly climate.

In a world where many people push us towards what the louder voices argue is the ’correct’ way of doing things, it takes a push-back from us to stand up for ourselves. We should feel empowered to try different therapies and modalities for ourselves, regardless of what our family, friends and even our health-care practitioners say. I know this is hard to do because we are pushed into a state of fear (or we hear/feel the fear of our loved ones) when we require some kind of healthcare attention. But I really hope that you can find the strength to stand in your power and be the captain of your own health care team. You know better than anyone what you are feeling, and your feeling is the largest part of your wellness trajectory.

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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