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Embracing the Year of the Dragon! 🐉

🌟 Happy (almost) Chinese New Year, everyone! 🌟


As most of you know, I grew up in Hong Kong and was steeped in the Chinese culture. Chinese New Year was THE BIGGEST holiday in the country! While I am not super familiar with the zodiac signs associated with each year, I did hear that 2024 was the year of the dragon, and since Danny was born in the year of the dragon we decided we had to look it up to see what it represented! 🐉

It turns out 2024 promises transformation, courage, and a burst of powerful, positive energy ✨ Sounds good to me, lol!


Keep reading to hear more about what I discovered the year of the dragon represents and my musings on this new beginning and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead... 🌟🐉✨


The dragon, a symbol of strength, luck, and wisdom, brings with it a wave of dynamic energy that encourages us to soar to new heights. Energetically, the Year of the Dragon invites us to embrace our inner power, step into our authenticity, and manifest our dreams with confidence. Just as the dragon soars fearlessly through the sky, 2024 will remind us that we too can rise above challenges and embrace the magic of self-discovery.


With this image in mind, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the intentions you set for 2024 back in January. What dreams do you wish to breathe life into this year? What fears do you want to release to make space for the extraordinary? Let's harness the dragon's fiery spirit to reignite our motivation, to fuel our passions, to illuminate our paths, and help us to create a life that radiates with love and purpose. 🤍


I can't wait to channel the energy of the dragon with you next week in the Magic Hour! We're welcoming back Feng Shui expert, Nicola Paradis Berkowski, who's prepared a special exercise that harnesses the power of each "direction" of our homes to create an open flow for the magic of 2024! Are you ready to step into this power?!


Wishing you a magnificent Chinese New Year filled with love, light, and the infinite magic of the dragon! 🌟🐉✨



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