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Feeling Good? Great! Now, Let’s Stay That Way!

The month of April in my online Sanctuary is dedicated to discussing the power of NDE experiences, and the kind of healing that can come from having an NDE once you’ve come back. I have talked about my NDE so often, and in so many different ways (books, podcasts, tv shows, facebook lives, youtube videos, etc., ) that I am wondering if I actually have anything more to add. I find that those who are unwell and have found me and my messages already have the bulk of everything I want to share at their disposal.

Yet, there’s an entirely different angle that I feel is important to bring up, and that is the angle of being well now, and doing everything you can to love yourself NOW, and maintain your health NOW! So many times people get to the point of ignoring many signs around them that their unwellness has started, and when they ignore these various signs the last place the message can be made clear is in the form of a physical illness.

So, I think it is really important that those who are completely happy and healthy hear my message too, so they are constantly reminded of the power of self-love, self-care and self-value. This includes children and teens and young adults. Anyone who is doing well now, can continue to do well and needn’t go down the very bumpy, uncomfortable and scary road that I did by installing a practice of self-love now! I truly hope that by hearing my story, all of you who are happy and healthy remain so by really digging into loving yourself completely!

Much love,


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