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From Healing to Whole: A Mindset

I’ve been thinking about something I heard the other day. It was a conversation from a TV ad. One person was telling her friend how badly she had been feeling, and how she have been trying to get better for a long time now. She didn’t know what was wrong, but she was tired of trying different things to feel better.

I realized what was bothering me about it. It’s like the actor was chasing something that was eluding her. That was it! She was chasing wellness; she had to go get it, because it wasn’t going to come to her. The way she was talking was like the health and wellness kept moving away every time she tried to catch them. And this is what a lot of people do. It’s certainly what I was doing when I had cancer. But what I realized was that our health and wellness are ours, and when we think of them as something that is out there - not already part of us - we keep ourselves separate from it. What I encourage you to do is embrace the idea that you are already whole. You can shift your thinking from “I need healing” to “I am whole”.

It’s with this idea in mind that I am holding a retreat in June in Scottsdale, Arizona and I’ve titled it From Healing to Whole. It’s not that attendees have to be “unwell” at the start of the retreat and will be “fixed” at the end of it, but that their mindsets will change from focusing on “healing their illness” to “feeling their wholeness”. It’s when the you feel whole that your vibration raises and true healing happens.

I hope you'll join the retreat in person if you're able, and if not, maybe you'll live-stream the event instead! Either way you'll be part of creating and enjoying a marinade that will show everyone their wholeness!

Much love,


** To find out all about the event visit: **

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jj an
jj an
May 17, 2023

What an enlightening and inspiring message!

That is it!!

I profoundly appreciate Anita for all her wise, kind, and warm messages!!

She is just beautiful and whole in every aspect!!!

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