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Giving and Drawing Lines

I think you will have heard me talk about this topic previously in some of my videos. There is a fine line between giving from the heart, and giving til it hurts. How do you know when your giving is ‘good’ for you versus when it’s ‘bad’ for you? And is giving ever bad? The short answer is: yes, it can be.

Ever since I started writing about my NDE, I have spent innumerable hours talking about falling into doormat-mode because I would give and give and give to others who demanded my attention or efforts. And so, I gave until it hurt. Why didn’t I notice that this was happening? Well, because I believed, from my cultural upbringing, that giving was more important than anything else. If someone asked me for something, I had to comply out of duty to others.

Since my NDE, and understanding that giving should have included internal exchanges from myself to myself, I have spent a lot of time reminding all of you that it's important to draw some lines if you are a chronic giver. Giving, when it comes from the heart, feels great, uplifts your energy and feels like you are feeding your passion is absolutely wonderful. But when you give from a sad, fearful, or obliged heart, and you do things because you will feel guilt if you don’t, you are not raising your energy. In fact, you are lowering it, and that is not healthy for you. Giving from this place of worry, guilt and other sad feelings isn’t giving in a healthy way.

So before you give yourself away, please remember my message, and make sure you give to yourself too. Sometimes, giving to yourself will actually fuel your ability to give to others through love and passion!

Much love, Anita


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