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Giving & Receiving: What’s the Deal?

It seems somewhat appropriate to make this weeks newsletter about the concepts of giving and receiving! And as you may have heard me talk about before, receiving is just as important as giving!

A lot of us grow up in marinades teaching us that giving is more important than receiving. I’m sure you’ve heard different versions of the phrase “it’s better to give than it is to receive” as you grew up. From an early age, we have it pushed into our psyches that giving is more noble than receiving. And in fact, sometimes we are taught that receiving feeds our selfish egos, so we have to stop expecting gifts. But, the view from the other side during my NDE showed me that balance between giving and receiving is important! If we shut down the supply chain of receiving things, then it’s like we don’t love ourselves, or value ourselves as much as we value others. If others are worthy of being on the receiving end of gifts, then why am I not?

I also learned on the other side that being miracle minded, and knowing that the Universe/Spirit/Source has my back for my soul’s journey and my highest good is really important. It helps us understand that we are loved unconditionally by Source. So, if I don’t allow myself to receive, how can I be miracle minded? Do you see my point? If I’m not worthy of receiving, then I am going to eventually believe I am less than everyone else, and I’m going to believe my life must be full of lack and unworthiness. None of this is good for us.

So this holiday season, start off by knowing that you are worthy of receiving anything, and everything! Look at your life as a gift for your soul’s journey, and openly decide to accept the things that are meant to raise your energy and your soul’s experience!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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