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Gratitude Is A Mindset!

Hi everyone, about a month ago I had an experience that left me realizing clearly that gratitude is a mindset. You see, I had a business encounter with an individual that was, shall I say, less than lovely. In fact, I’ll say it: it was absolutely horrible. The person who spoke to me, Danny, and one of my team members was all-out mean. I’d go so far as to say that this person was a massive bully. A big, loud, screaming bully.

When the encounter first started, I thought it was just a small thing to sort out, but as the conversation continued, the other person got angrier and angrier, and louder and louder. They ended up screaming at me. In short, they wanted me to change my way of doing something that would end up compromising my professional integrity. Well, I think you can all imagine how much that would truly upset me!

So, after a few more hostile calls and EMAILS WITH LARGE CAPS AND MEAN WORDS (have you seen this before? It’s like they are yelling at you in an email!) I began to be sick; literally sick to my stomach. I realized how much I was ingesting this intensive bullying. It took a few hours, but when my awareness kicked that I was taking on this person’s hostile energy, I made the decision to release them from my field, and walk away from the entire event. No guilt. No residual bad feelings. I just walked away, and thanked myself for using my awareness to not spend any more time being embroiled in trying to meet this person’s demands. I am more worthy than that. And while I did become momentarily ill, it was that moment that I am grateful for. I recognized my body talking to me. I listened, and I acted.

So thank you to my body. Thank you to the person who brought me this learning experience. And thank you to my soul for increasing the speed of my conscious awareness so that I could walk away before any damage was done! I hope you too can be grateful for the learning experiences you have knowing you are growing your awareness of what’s right for you!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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