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Layered Healing: My Esoteric Model

I’ve been speaking more and more about the way that I see healing happen. You see, I have a three-pronged view into the way we find wholeness: physically, energetically and esoterically. While each layer is its own, they are also very interlinked with each other, and as we work on healing one layer, it affects the potential for healing on the other layers!

If you want to know a bit more, I did a talk on this recently on my Facebook and Instagram live, and I just uploaded it to my YouTube channel in case you are not on those other social media platforms.

In this video, I explain that when my NDE happened, I learned that my soul had much more to do and that drove the healing for me, and that healing happened at the esoteric level. So healing by connecting with spirit enabled the healing of my physical state (I was noted as being cancer free 5 weeks after my body gave out!) and it also healed my emotional and energetic state (I was no longer afraid to live!).

I will be talking more and more about Esoteric Healing in the coming weeks and I really hope you decide to check out my video. Now is the perfect time to practice reaching out into the esoteric field to help us realize our wholeness!

Much love,


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