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Levels of Healing

I’ve always known that healing is multi-faceted, but what I’ve seen recently is a barrage of people asking me singularly focused questions like, “How can I heal?”, “Why can’t I heal?”, and “What do I do to heal?” They are all asking the same question, and they seem to all be asking about one level of healing - the physical kind.

But what I wanted to share with everyone is a more expanded way of thinking about our healing, through these five layers I’ve come to know:

  1. Physical - Our physical bodies here on earth

  2. Semi-physical (Subtle Physical) - The physical systems in our bodies that don’t often get a lot of attention (immune system, for example)

  3. Emotional - Our historic traumas, current dramas, and forecasted worries

  4. Energetic - Our aura, chakra system, awareness/ego balance, sensitivity to energetic vibrations

  5. Esoteric - Our connection to the divine; the relationship we have with self-love, accepting support from our high-self committee, knowing we are always supported by the universe.

When we look to create a wellness trajectory for ourselves, it’s important to consider all of these five angles, and to give each due consideration. I’d love it for people to start to talk more in terms of their way forward with healing (wellness trajectory) instead of investing more time into talking about their illness history, or their illness trajectory (what they expect to go wrong).

I’ll be speaking more about these levels of healing moving forward and I would love to hear anyone’s success stories and uplifting thoughts on how they support their wellness through these five different layers of healing!

~ Much love, Anita ~

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