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Love, Loss, and Connection

This Mother’s Day, I am writing to you with a heart full of both gratitude and melancholy. This year marks my first Mother’s Day without my dear mom. Her absence feels profound, yet amidst the silence I still feel her presence, comforting me in moments of sorrow.

I understand that many of you may be experiencing similar feelings of loss, not just on this day, but every day that you miss your loved ones. I want to share something very important with you — our loved ones are never really gone. Although we live in a physical world bound by our senses, there is a finer, subtler existence just beyond what we can perceive. There is a delicate veil that separates us from a much larger, expansive reality where our loved ones continue to exist, vibrant and loving as ever.

On this other side, our loved ones are accessible; they are here and ready to offer their support and guidance. All we need to do is ask, remain open, and listen with our hearts. When we work to develop this form of communication we feel support and love, transcending physical boundaries.

If you are looking for techniques to help you develop a language with the other side please check out my YouTube channel where I've discussed many techniques and shared personal experiences.

Remember, love never dies; it only transforms. This Mother’s Day, let’s hold our loved ones close to our hearts, grateful for the eternal bond that love provides.

Much love,



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