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Magic, Miracles and Magnificence

It is essential that we realize our magnificence if we want to live magical lives and be witnesses to miracles. This is something that was brightly illuminated in my NDE, and this concept can get swept under the rug as we go through our daily routines (which often don’t seem magical at all). So today I am here to remind you that We ARE Magnificent!

Empaths have a hard time remembering this simple truth, so it does a soul good to have it pop up in bold as a reminder ;)

I’ve noticed that most empaths align themselves with the fear, sadness, and pain of others because they take on other people’s feelings. They forget that they can choose what to align with! Yes, it is a choice, and here’s what I mean. When we open the doors to awareness of what is happening in our emotions, we can choose to refocus on things differently and we can align with other things around us. We are facets of the universe; I have said this time and again. And because we are facets of the universe, we cannot be anything but magnificent (even on the days when we don’t feel it). Now, by aligning with your magnificence, and feeling emotions associated with that thought, you are aligning yourself with the opportunities for magic and miracles! When you align yourself with these fantastic feelings, you become far more uplifting for yourself and for others! Instead of stepping into your old emotional shoes of blindly aligning with the pain, fear, or sadness you absorb from others, shake yourself aware, and think about how the universe has made you magnificent!

This is such an important part of our emotional well-being. Empaths can empower themselves to walk away from guilt and other downward-spiral emotions! If you have not already watched my latest video, "Intuition is a Double Edged Sword", please do! I am so glad to be able to have my YouTube channel available for you whenever you need a boost!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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