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Make your Space Feel Right

Last week in my Sanctuary, we had a very special guest in the “Magic Hour”, Feng Shui expert Nicola Berkowski! It was such a treat to have Nicola share her expertise and answer members’ questions for their bespoke situations in their homes and office spaces. This is why I love the Sanctuary so much - our members get opportunities to join these kinds of live events online!

When Nicola was talking, I was thinking, this is a way that I can show self-love; by doing things to make my surroundings flow better energetically, which in turn makes me feel better! I know that not everyone has a Feng Shui expert at their disposal but the internet is full of helpful suggestions if you go searching for related suggestions. And, even if you don’t get the ‘science’ of Feng Shui right, you know what feels good to you. So my “month-of-love” suggestion this week is to love yourself through resetting your physical space to include some things that make you feel great!

Much love,


I'll be uploading some teaser snippets of our conversation to my social media over the next few days so be sure to check them out! If you'd like to find out more about my Sanctuary and become a member, visit:


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