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Manifesting Means Allowing

Every once in a while I like to share one of my notes from the Sanctuary Bulletin with you. This week I spoke about reminding myself to be open to allowing. I hope this note reminds you to be open to magic and the divine. Trust that the universe knows exactly what you need.

Hi everyone! As part of my ongoing self-love rejuvination therapy, I spent two days this past weekend surrounded by color! I went a bookshop where I often exchange books I am finished with for store credit, and the next day I went to a gem fair! I just love being in these places enveloped in the amazing colors of trinkets, bobbles and other spiritual gadgetry. And I get to bask in the soothing aroma of oils, and incense and perfumes made for woo-woo people! It’s just so nice to be in a place where you know when you walk in, other people are there and are most likely just like you -- looking to feel the vibrations of magic and possibility! Everyone is looking to connect with something that will bring them joy.

Possibility is something that I need to remind myself of sometimes when I get overwhelmed. And it is weekends like this past one where I get jolted into seeing possibility through the color, scents and energetic abundance. There’s so much potential for anything to occur. When I remind myself that possibility can bring things that are beautiful, wonderful and loving, I remind myself to be open enough to allow it all.

So, in this month of spring time awakenings, I’d love for you to remind yourself to be open to allowing whatever the universe wants you to have. The universe can be way more creative than I can, and I learned that fact when I was on the other side. There’s so much possibility and potential just waiting to happen that if we stop looking for the things we have normally been focused on, potential can become reality. I am being self-loving when I let go of needing things to be a certain way, and this is truly 'allowing' the universe to deliver!

Let’s say this together:

“I allow the divine to manifest what is perfectly right for me.”

Have a wonderful week!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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Abby Judd
Abby Judd
Jun 29, 2022

Amazing! ❤️

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