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One Side of the Empath’s Double-Edged Sword

As an empath, I am all about connections. And that’s the problem! I can connect with the world around me (people, places, smells, tastes, sounds, rhythms, nuances, etc.), AND I can connect with my guides and other beings on the other side. But sometimes there’s an issue between those two connections. The more I am connected to the noisy, fragrant, loud, flavorful, annoying, pleasing, and bountiful physical world, the less I am connected to my guides and my soul. The physical world can drown out my esoteric world connection.

When we lose our connections to the spirit realm, it’s up to us to notice that this is happening and then do something about it. But what can we do about it? We can REFRESH our connection to the other side! And we can do it as often as we need to. When we know that we are experiencing the heaviness of the world, we can take it as a nudge to engage more with our connection to the other side. This helps us regain our personal power so that we can re-enter the world with less distraction, and more confidence.

So here are a couple of things that can help you claim back your power in a world where you might feel a bit lost.

  • You can tune into your own connection; give this priority effort!

  • You can also make sure you aren’t just sitting back and waiting for something to come to you. Your power lies in asking your spirit guides for help in finding options and opportunities, and then they will help you work through them! Leave room for them to choose the route, but let them know the general destination.

  • Finally, you can take time out for yourself; give your energy to yourself, and not directly to others. If you find you are always trying to help others, why not let your high self committee speak with the other person’s high self committee? Spirit to spirit communication! Let them do the heavy lifting! In this way, you can help others, but still keep your energy to yourself.

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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