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Restoring Chi

When I first came back from the other side, my Chi was super expanded because I had been in a space that was pure Chi. For those of you who haven't heard of Chi before, Chi, Qi, or Prana, as we call it in India, is basically "life force energy". There is no direct translation for this word in English, and because there is no translation, I find that people in western cultures don't usually even realize it's a thing. This is sometimes the problem with language - when a culture doesn't have a word for something, they don't recognize it as being real and it gets completely overlooked in daily life. This is a real misfortune as balancing your life force energy is super important. Your Chi is the energy running through your body, the more of that energy you have, the healthier you are, and the stronger that energy is, the less chance there is for disease to exist in your body. When I came back from the NDE state my Chi was extremely strong, so even though my body was emaciated and weak, there was no more room in my body for illness and I started to heal.

However, when I began to integrate back into the world and my day to day, I was not aware that life in this five-sensory, three-dimensional world could actually wear down at my Chi if I didn't continue to maintain it. This is why those of us who are open and trusting so often feel depleted, but we don't realize what is going on or why. In order to recharge my Chi I started to pull back from situations and people that required me to give my power away, and slowly I began to realize that my Chi was greatly expanded and enforced when I practiced self love...

It's funny how sometimes you have to take a step back to hear your own words, remember the lessons you have already learnt and then step back into your power. It took me burning out last week to realize that I had been distributing my energy amongst too many things and not taking enough to time to recharge. It's a slippery slope when I start putting myself in second place, "just temporarily" I think, "just until I finish this project or meet this commitment"... Nope! Putting ourselves second is always a recipe to depletion and burnout! Anyway, the past few days I have been taking the time to rest and now I'm starting to move into reinvigorating my life force energy. Here are a few things that I've been doing (and that you can do too!) to help restore and strengthen Chi:

  • The number one thing to do is to work through the issues in your life, to become aware of what is depleting you. This could be a relationship that depletes you, or a job, or loneliness, or going through grief. You don't have to have the solution to these things right now, but begin to evaluate them. Once you start to understand what area (or areas) are draining you, make this commitment to yourself, "I make a commitment to increase my Chi so that I can now resolve these issues or watch them fall away. I love myself enough to do this because I deserve it and I am worthy." You need to come from a place of wanting to do this, wanting to heal, to live, and most importantly, to live a life beyond these issues.

  • The second thing I want you to do is to start doing something every day that releases stress and fear from your life. The stress of living with the issues you uncovered above is what eats away at your life force energy creating an energy leak. The goal isn't for the stresses in your life to disappear entirely at this point, but rather to expand your Chi so you aren't as drastically drained by the leak. This will give you the energy to keep moving forward as you work on patching the core problem.

  • Three, remove the things from your diet that your body doesn't agree with. When your Chi is expanded you can process a lot more, like ice cream lol. But when your Chi is low, you really need to be aware of any toxins in your environment and start to eliminate them.

  • And now, start to add things to your diet and environment that nourish you! This is different for each person, but you intuitively know what nourishes you and expands your energy. Do this because you want to be in energy surplus!

  • Number five, movement. Dancing, hula hoop, walking, anything that makes you feel good and rejuvenated! Don't over do it, you don't want to exercise so much you exhaust yourself (that's just depleting your Chi more), but move your body in a way that doesn't encroach on the level of Chi you have at your disposal now and see it start to refill at a faster pace.

  • Rest when you need it. When you are resting or sleeping, your body is healing. Maybe your Chi is so depleted you need more rest than move or meditate, and that is fine! Love yourself enough to do what is best for you.

  • Lastly, we all need a community that makes us feel joy and like we belong. Find your tribe, people you can laugh with and who want to join you in Chi strengthening activities!

I hope you find something useful in here that you can apply to help increase your Chi. For more resources please check out my YouTube channel.

Love, Anita


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