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Self Love vs. Self Indulgence

A lot of people ask me if self love leads to self indulgence? They worry that being true to themselves and loving themselves means that they will eat as much pizza as they want, drink as much wine as they want, and fall into a spiral of self indulgence, which they associate with being gluttonous. In actuality, self love is what prevents self indulgence because self love is the awareness that prevents you from overdoing it.

Technically yes, self love does mean allowing yourself to eat as much pizza as you want, but there's a catch! When you love yourself, you are aware of how you feel about things and you understand 'how much you want'. Loving yourself means ordering a pizza and allowing yourself to enjoy it, but it also means being aware of when your body is done with it and honoring yourself enough to stop. This applies to anything in life, not just food and drink, you could even apply it to exercising!

Self indulgence, on the other hand, comes from a lack of self love, and because of that lack of self love there is hole which you are trying to fill up. The biggest sign that you've moved into self indulgence is if you feel empty, alone, or not good enough whenever you are not getting what you want, be that food/drink/whatever it is you feel you need.

This is the same reasoning I use with the question, will self love make me egotistic? Self love leads to awareness, awareness of the self and your place in the world, which leads to an awareness of the people and world around you. So if this is something that worries you, instead of thinking about suppressing your ego, think about expanding your awareness.

Loving yourself is about doing what brings you joy while listening to your inner voice of awareness. So this week's assignment is to practice listening to and honoring your inner voice so that you can start making more choices from a place of love. As with everything, this takes practice so don't get mad if you do eat one slice of pizza too many lol. After all, loving yourself is unconditional.

Love, Anita


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