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Souls and Bodies: Mutual Gifts

I’m continuing with the theme of giving and receiving this week. I was thinking the other day when I was planning some topics to speak about, that my soul is uniquely mine. I was thinking about our souls and our soul journey, and why we’re here and so on, and suddenly I stopped and said to myself, “Woah…. I’m me. I GET to be me. Nobody else gets to be me.”

That strong thought prompted more thinking –> If I’m me right now, and I get to be me, then my soul is a gift to my body. And that’s what I remember thinking, in a different way, when I was on the other side having my NDE. My body is a vehicle for me to do the things that my soul wants to do. My body, as ravaged as it was with illness, was MY body, and MY soul actively chose it.

So moving ahead this month, thinking about giving and receiving, I’m so thankful that my soul is a unique gift to my body. I also feel as if my body is a gift to my soul. It is a body that my soul chose, but the fact that my soul gets to choose is pretty amazing. I feel like this tightly woven relationship is a packaged present; they give to and receive each other!

As you spend some time thinking about giving and receiving, please consider your soul’s presence in your body as a gift to you, and also conversely, that your soul is receiving the gift of your body to be a vehicle to help it achieve the lessons it wants to have!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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