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Souls Sharing Experiences: A Deeply Felt Gratitude

Hi everyone! I’m glad you’re here reading my blog because today I wanted to share my deep gratitude for my life partner, Danny. I understand how lucky I am that Danny and I are bound from the inside out - our souls are intertwined.

My life didn’t start with Danny, but I know that each and every interaction I have had in my life’s journey brought us together. And no matter what has happened to me throughout my life, I know that our souls were on a path to connection. Real life soul connections don’t happen all the time, and I know some of you may feel a struggle when it comes to finding someone who you feel you've known forever. But it doesn’t have to be a life partner that you are connected to. It might be a parent or guardian, it might be a child, or it might be a friend that you have an inexplicable connection with. When you stop for a minute and think about the people in your life, and what ones have given you opportunities to grow and change, that person’s soul might be tightly tied to yours, but you’ve been unaware.

Our souls are here for a short time on earth, and the souls they meet up with are also here to learn different things. Some souls naturally connect to those that they feel comfortable with, and others move towards the souls that are there to help them learn. Either way, can you feel gratitude for your soul, and its relationship with the other souls around you? Can you feel the lessons that your soul is learning as it spends time in your physical body? When you think about souls this way, you can find gratitude for having a soul, and for having souls around you who are helping you expand your consciousness. Danny does that for me. Danny’s soul and my soul feel like they’re a team just using our earthly bodies to share the ideas of self-love and acceptance with those who wish hear this message. And… I’m grateful you are here to hear my messages and share them with those you care for!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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