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Stepping Forward by Stepping Out

Welcome to April! I love spring, there’s such an exciting energy in the air! I love the idea of summer coming soon, and this thought keeps me energized while I endure the rain and sometimes cool temps (Danny doesn’t seem to mind it at all though!) April is a time for me to shrug off my bulky winter coat and dust off my lighter, colorful shawls and scarves to wear whenever I am meeting up with others. I think of them as the finishing touches to my social uniform!

In this spring-like climate, I hope you too can dust off some of your spring vibes, and step forward. You can step forward into new levels of personal empowerment by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Have a conversation on a 'woo-woo' topic that you haven’t really spoken much about before, or tap into this energy of rebirth and youth with some play time. Spring is a time for opening up, receiving the beauty of the world and it’s my hope that this month each one of you decide to step out of your winter quiet-zone to engage in the revitalizing world!

Much love, Anita

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Betiana Manfredi
Betiana Manfredi
Apr 12, 2023

Beautiful Anita, we are entering autumn (I live in Argentina) and I am so happy for that... we have had a furious summer and I need the cold weather!! I want to feel a cold breeze in my face and wear a blanket on my bed!! All you say is beautiful, and I would like to add that autumn is wonderful, too. From my place I wish you nice days and good news. Thank you for your words.

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