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Termite Tenting and Gifts!

Hi everyone! I hope that the summer is treating everyone well, and that you are managing to beat the heat while enjoying the sunshine too! I know I have been finding ways to keep cool, and yet appreciate the beauty of summer even on the hottest of days.

This week I wanted to tell you about how I used some of my own philosophy on myself to work through two typical empath issues: being patient and accepting gifts. You see, a few weeks ago Danny and I had the rather arduous task of packing up everything of value to us, including all of Danny’s studio equipment (and boy, does he have a lot of stuff!) as well as all of our food and kitchen things. It turned out that our home needed a thorough termite extermination, and for that they had to put a big tent over our house and fumigate the entire thing! It was a multi-day process, and in order to get to the point of doing it safely, we had to work hard and quickly to do everything properly.

I didn’t realize what it would take to do all of the sorting, packing and relocating, and I had to really exercise patience with myself. I knew I’d get it done, and I did not need to be anxious about anything, but it was still a bit daunting. I reminded myself that ’one step at a time” would get me there, and I wasn’t hard on myself. And sure enough, after all of our thorough preparations the job got done and we were ready to move out of the house while it went through the pesticide process.

The second half of the empath issue that I was able to talk myself through was graciously accepting the offer from a friend that Danny and I could move in with her for the week. Old Anita would have said: ”No thank you, we wouldn’t want to put you out. We’ll go to a hotel instead so we don’t inconvenience you.” But empowered-empath Anita thought about it for a minute, took a deep breath and said: “What a kind offer! Thank you so much. We’d love to accept your generosity!” It still felt a bit awkward to say yes to such a huge offer, but my friend was not just opening her home, she was also opening her heart. She didn’t want anything in return, she just wanted to help. So often empaths feel guilty when they accept a gift, and they start planning immediately how to pay that person back. But when you realize that people give things from their hearts, with no expectation of being paid back, you can accept a gift graciously. The universe wants you to receive things guilt-free!

So, I wanted to share this with you in case you are still at a point of feeling awkward about receiving gifts. When you are offered something in exchange for nothing, look deep into the eyes of the person and see their heart, and feel their love in their offer. You don’t need to feel awkward, you just need to feel grateful. With practice this gets easier, and so I invite you to accept whatever someone offers to you (even something small, like a compliment) without feeling like you have to pay it back. Gifts are the universe’s way of giving you a change to raise your vibration!

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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