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Thankful for Intuitive Hits!

I hope you have been having an amazing month full of gratitude! We can find opportunities to be grateful in the most interesting situations, when we put our minds to it, and even when we take our minds out of it! Let me explain with this little story:

Sometime around the middle of October, I was going out and wanted to wear one of my favourite scarves. It is very colorful, has some silk woven into it, and it is thick and fluffy. It is absolutely one of my most special scarves! But, when I went to get it, it was nowhere to be found. I looked in all the usual places, and even some unusual ones, like the trunk of the car! I thought back to when I last saw it, and that was the dining chair with the jacket I had worn — but now, it was not there.

I had dug through my closet several times already, and hadn’t found it. My closet, while maybe not 100% tidy , is very well organized. I put things in sections, always. I have a section for my blouses, one for my skirts, one for my dresses, and another for my scarves. And I always put things away in the right section. So this time, I went in and pulled out all the scarves digging around for it, and it simply was not there. Danny suggested that perhaps I gave it to someone. But no! That is a special scarf, and I would definitely remember if I did that! At that point, I just decided to let it go. If the scarf was with another person, or lost, it was there for a reason. I was not going to worry about it any more. So I went to bed, and let it go completely out of my mind.

Two mornings later, when I was half asleep, this picture came into my head of the scarf hanging in my closet with a specific skirt — an Indian style skirt with lots of colours and many pleats. In the image, the scarf was blended in with the pleats of the skirt, so that it was hiding. I woke up and wondered if that was actually true. My rational brain said, “No, that can’t be true because I never put my scarves with my skirts, and I’ve never worn that scarf with that skirt!” However, the image was so incredibly clear I thought I’d check… and there it was!

The part that fascinates me in this story is that the image came to me when I wasn’t thinking about it. My mind had let it go completely, and my intuition took over and connected with the information about its location because I wasn’t pushing hard any more. My intuition was doing its job! You see, sometimes our most intuitive hits come in when we’re in the shower, or when we’re not really awake, or when we are least expecting it!

I am so grateful that I have an intuition, and that I can relax my mind so that I don’t get in its way! I know this is just a small example, but it is an example that really does reinforce that our intuitions are there to serve us. So, I’m extremely grateful for small intuitive hits like this!

Have you recently had an intuitive hit that you can be grateful for?

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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Cecilia Caudle
Cecilia Caudle
Dec 15, 2022

Anita I know that our intuition is our connection to the the Universe/Spirit Guides. Our spirit team is always messaging us with guidance obviously in this case they knew exactly where your scarf was and could let you know. 😀💥

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