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Thanks Isn’t Just for Thanksgiving

Hi everyone, happy November! I find it interesting that people need to be reminded to have gratitude, and that here in the US, ‘Thanksgiving’ is such a huge holiday. But then, the rest of the year it’s almost like gratitude gets forgotten. So this month, I think I am going to put my money where my mouth is and talk about gratitude in all of my posts! I like to think that I talk about gratitude all the time, but I know sometimes even I need a gentle reminder that giving thanks isn’t just for Thanksgiving.

And to start this first week of gratitudes, I’m going back to the beginning. Well, two beginnings:

Gratitude #1: I’m grateful that I was born. Yes, that’s right. I am grateful to have this body, in this life, having these experiences!

Gratitude #2: I’m grateful that I had the re-boot experience that led to my ‘rebirth’ and my NDE, and my whole life since then.

I am wondering if all of you, too, can be grateful that you were born, and join me in Gratitude #1? What would it take to believe your life is a gift to your soul? What if you knew your soul chose you and your life experiences because it wanted to? Would you be able to experience gratitude?

Gratitude is such a high vibration emotion that when you feel it, your entire soul feels it. What a gift you are to your soul! Let me know what you think about your Gratitude #1. If it’s hard to feel, ask yourself the questions in the above paragraph, and spend some time with them as an exercise in self-love.

~ Much Love, Anita ~

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