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The Power of Finding Your Soul Circle: A Journey to Belonging and Authenticity

One of the most profound quests we undertake in our lives is the pursuit of connection—a yearning to find our soul circle, our tribe, our 'peeps'— a community where our essence is understood, embraced, and celebrated. This pursuit isn’t merely about companionship; it’s about discovering a space where we feel seen, heard, and where our truest selves can unfold without fear or judgment.

When I was on the other side during my Near-Death Experience, I realized that our soul isn't solitary—it intertwines, connects, and dances with the energies around us. It was crystal clear: we are all part of an intricate web, and finding our soul circle is about aligning with those threads that resonate with our own unique melody.

Finding your soul circle isn’t always about seeking similarities or shared interests. It’s about an unspoken resonance that reverberates through your soul when you connect with certain individuals or communities. It’s that feeling of coming home, of finding a safe harbor amidst life’s storms—a place where you’re free to explore, to evolve, and to express yourself.

When you find this community, you discover a sanctuary where vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength, where differences are celebrated, and where you're encouraged to embrace your individuality. This space becomes a fertile ground for growth—a place where you can expand, learn, and flourish.

However, this quest is not always straightforward. At times, we may feel adrift, yearning for a sense of belonging that eludes us. It’s crucial in these moments to trust the process, to allow ourselves to be open to new connections and experiences. Our soul circle might not always look like what we expect, but its presence will be felt in the shared moments of understanding, in the laughter that echoes through our interactions, and in the support that lifts us in times of need.

I’ve witnessed incredible transformations when individuals find their soul circle. They become empowered to embrace their true essence, to pursue their passions wholeheartedly, and to contribute their unique gifts to the world without reservation.

So, how does one find their soul circle? It starts with authenticity—being unapologetically yourself and radiating that authenticity outward. It involves exploring diverse communities, engaging in activities that ignite your passion, and being open to forging connections with those who resonate with your soul’s frequency.

Remember, your soul circle may be found in unexpected places—a book club, a volunteer organization, a spiritual gathering, or even an online community passionate about the same causes you hold dear. Be open to the universe’s nudges, and trust that the threads of connection will lead you to where you truly belong.

Much love,


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Hi Anita,

Thank you for this message. It helped me see that the volunteers at a non-profit I have been with for over a decade and the members at the UU fellowship I belong to are my circles. I have been questioning these connections lately. Your message helped me see that they are good marinades for me.

Ramona M

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