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Vision boards don't work for me.

When I was ill, I put together a vision board because people kept telling me it was the best thing to do in order for me to manifest wellness. I spent hours cutting out pictures of people who were healthy, active, and loving life, and for a while the project kept me busy and I daydreamed about how much I wanted to be one of those smiling people in the photographs; cancer free and without a care in the world. When it was finished, I hung my vision board up on the wall and I stared at it every day, thinking, "I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy..."

As the days passed, I wasn’t feeling the results of what I wanted to be manifesting. Little by little, I became sad, frustrated, and more and more fearful, until every time I looked at my vision board my confidence drained out of me. It was a constant reminder of what I didn't have, the person I wasn't...

When you create a vision board, or focus too intently on a desire, I find one of two things can happen:

  1. You may limit what is in store for you because you overlook what the universe is presenting to you!

  2. You may hit a brick wall because you start trying to manifest from a place of lack. When I didn't see my desire manifesting in the way I wanted, I started to feel fear. Fear sets you back, as you lose that place of love.

I learned in my NDE state that the best way to manifest was to be myself! When we are in touch with ourselves we embody love, and that energy allows us to be open to what the universe has in store for us (which is always for our highest good). The future that was in store for me was way bigger than I could imagine. What I was putting down on that vision board was limited compared to where my life would go! It's all about heart & mind coherence. You do not manifest through thoughts alone, you manifest by embodying love and by being true to yourself so that what is truly yours can come into your life.

So What Can You Do to Help Manifest the Awesome?

1. Love yourself unconditionally. 2. Trust that the Universe has a better idea of what you need than you do! 3. Open up your eyes to opportunities. 4. Feel gratitude for everything. 5. Know that what is best for you is there for you, you just have to be grateful for it… really grateful.

Be reminded:

What Works Against Manifestation?

1. Wishing for something from a place of lack. When I was unwell there were times when I would get stuck in self-pity. I focused on my lack of health and felt 'less than' the images on my vision board. If you are in this cycle, break free by working to raise your vibration! When you begin to think happier thoughts and feel more gratitude for them, more happy thoughts will come your way, which leads you to feel more gratitude, which then spirals upward with a positive growth of energy!

2. Waiting for someone to do something for you. Maybe you want a raise because you're having a hard financial time, so you try to will your boss into giving you a raise. Meanwhile, the universe may have a bigger plan for you, a different job, a new boss, or the universe could be waiting for you to quit because it’s the wrong place for you! Don't wait for someone else to deliver happiness to you.

3. Being Passive. You cannot be passive in this situation! You have to actively put your trust in the universe, and know that what it is bringing you is explicitly for you. You have to get up every day, work on loving yourself, and put in an active effort: seeking and pursuing opportunities as they are presented. If you aren’t looking for opportunities, you may miss some of the amazing things that the universe is putting right in front of you.

4. Being Rigid. Sometimes the universe will open a door, and you won’t see it because you are so focused on what you think your manifestation should look like. The universe wants to give you what is meant for you, so be open to it. Let go of your preconceived notions of what you want, and allow the universe to be creative.

The universe wants to give you what is truly yours (as I highlighted last week, What is best for me is best for the universe.). Stay open to all the gifts around you. Remember,

A miracle is only labeled such because it is an event outside of our belief system. Once we see it happen, we can start to believe it. Once we start to believe it, it can then enter into our consciousness and happen more and more often. Manifestation is as simple as that.

Love, Anita

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