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When All Else Fails, Turn Inward

As we all know, our lives can get complicated. Even I have times where life’s circumstances throw things at me that feel a bit harsh, and I often have to remind people that just because I had an NDE doesn’t mean I don’t still have real human experiences! What I do know though, when I take the time to remind myself, is that my soul is perfect and my life is what it needs to be. But sometimes that knowledge isn't enough to stop the experiences I have from feeling a little rough.

So I just wanted to remind you, that when you wake up in the morning, or go to bed at night, your guides are there, even if you don’t think they are. Our minds can get in the way and sometimes cloud our connection to the other side, but I know that we are never forsaken. Never.

In times when you feel that the road in front of you is too steep to climb, and your guides, angels or other supportive souls from the other side are not with you, I want you to take a deep breath and say to yourself:

I am enough. I am a facet of the universe, and I am exactly as the universe wants me to be. My guides are with me and I invite them to help me feel their support.

Yes, even I sometimes go through experiences where that little cloud of doubt hovers over me. But if I take some time out to be quiet, breathe, and relax, I can begin to feel the love and support that my guides offer me. In those moments the cloud of doubt fades, and I really accept myself and everything that is happening. It’s this calm acceptance that helps me remember the feeling of extreme self-love -- the kind of self-love that helped me heal.

If I could offer one suggestion to you all this week, it would be use this mantra, or one that you feel works for you, to simply breathe and accept yourself and your entire soul journey when things feel like they are derailing in your life.

Much love, Anita


¡Muchas gracias por todo, Anita! ¡Cuánto estás ayudando! Un abrazo desde España❤️


Bonnie Clark
Bonnie Clark

I second that, you always help. Love to you and Danny. ;-)



Thanks so much for all your publications . It helps me so much in my Life . Love from Switzerland

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