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When Sensitive Doesn’t Feel Strong

When I wrote Sensitive is the New Strong I was so excited to share my understanding of what it is to be an empath in our world with all of it’s ups and downs. I spent a lot of time exploring and explaining my understanding of being an empath, what the traits are, and I even created a quiz to help people figure out if they were a full-blown empath, if they were a more moderate empath, or if they weren’t really an empath at all (but I know those people probably weren’t reading my book! LoL!!!).

What I wanted to talk about today is something that has been crossing my mind as I continue to create my own path, as an empath, in this world that seems to have a lot of sadness and cruelty in it. You see, even though I know my sensitivity is my superpower, there are times when my sensitivity doesn’t seem strong at all. When are those times? When I have a cold and need to sleep, or when I read a review that is critical of one of my videos, when I catch a news title that makes me sad - times like those.

So what’s an empath like me, and you, to do when we are in those slumps where we feel less than powerful? We hug ourselves and remind ourselves that under all our human emotions, actions, responses, and decisions is the shining soul that came here to be part of every experience we are having. Sensitivity is a tool for our soul; it works through experiences so that it can learn something that it chose to come here and learn.

In order to become a stronger empath, one that embraces these sensitivities and keeps the focal point on their own self-love, we can’t hide. It’s not good to shut ourselves away so that nothing can interact with us. Our soul would like us to honor experiences by engaging directly with the external world. That’s why I wrote Sensitive is the New Strong and created the MasterClass “Empath Impact” inside my Sanctuary — to help you find ways to bolster yourself as an empowered empath and practice them. I wanted to give you ways to think about your sensitivity as an empath, and ways to practice being engaged with your traits and the opportunities for external connection that come to you. And for some of you, I‘d love to see you open the door wider for you to think about being an empathic leader.

Sensitive is the new strong. For us empaths, we must know the truth behind this statement, and if we want to see change in the harsh world we feel around us, it’s up to us to make some change. Not big, scary, intense change. Just small, baby-step change. I think you will find that when you start making small changes in the way you interact with the world, and you share yourself, you will get used to seeing the amazing positive effects, and you will want more! But it is up to you to decide what is comfortable for you. From being a full-blown mystic empath at the time of my NDE, to making self-love the core of my being and ditching doormatism, I‘ve been able to step up to tell my story, teach people about love and (after)life, and feel the strength of my sensitivity. I wish this for all of you too, if that is what you wish for!

~ Much Love, Anita ~


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