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When Valentine’s Day Comes Around

It’s getting close to that time of year when people express their love to each other. Some people buy chocolates (yes, please!), or flowers, or go out for dinner (a favourite of mine!), or spend quality time with their partner. However, I’m really aware that there are many people who have a sad day on Valentines, and some people who have a difficult time with all the attention given to those who have found love in a successful relationship.

What I’d like to remind everyone about is that when our focus is on looking for love in a partner, we overlook the most important love of our lives - the love we have for ourselves. I’d really like to see an adjustment in all the advertising we see, focusing less on celebrating the love we have for someone else, and instead focusing on nourishing and celebrating the love we have for ourselves. So let’s make this Valentine’s Day about you and me as individuals!

I know I have said this in previous years (at exactly this time of year), but I’m going to keep reminding us all of this important lesson! It’s a funny coincidence that the month of love, February, is the month I had my NDE and learned the importance of self-love... Or perhaps it was not a coincidence at all...

Much love, Anita

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