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Wrapping up the Month of Love

As we end the month of February, a month where we’ve focused on love, and self-love in particular, I want to just send everyone a big cyber hug . You did it! You reminded yourself how important you are, you loved your soul, you loved your journey, and you loved your whole, complete self in that process.

When the planet starts to head into its next season in March (whether that’s spring in the northern hemisphere or fall in the southern hemisphere) we shift our mindset to adjust to this change. And that’s ok! That change is always going to happen if we live in places where there is a discernible difference in the seasons. But one thing should not change: your attention to self-love. There are times we do forget because sometimes life’s experiences get in the way of us appreciating ourselves, and that’s going to happen. This past month I’ve been sending out these reminders, and now I ask that you set your own reminders - as often as you feel you need them. Your self-love is that important!

Much love, Anita


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