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Your Soul and Your Body Form A Whole

The title I chose for this article is really important, and I wanted to remind everyone about this. Sometimes we talk about healing as if it is something that we have to fight to obtain, and I think that’s because we don’t remember the necessary connection between our bodies and our souls.

As we live, we encounter situations that happen to us. We can be involved in an accident, we can experience bodily issues that derive from some illness we ‘pick up’, or we can grow into larger diseases that affect us more seriously. In these situations, I know what it feels like to think we are broken, we are less than perfect, and we need to get ‘fixed’ to be whole again.

But what I really wanted to remind you about is that your soul does not see you this way. Your soul is part of you because it chose to be there. So if you think of this as a mathematical equation it would look like this: my body + my soul = whole existence. I hope you can remember to embrace the truth that you are whole. You really are. When you believe this, your soul feels supported and loved by you, and energies that will bring you healing and other amazing things will come to you because this high vibration will attract them!

Much love,


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I love what your father told you when you were on the other side....:~Know the truth of who you really are and you will heal~

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Thank you for this great article, Anita! Could you speak to the difference between our souls and our spirit?

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Janice Mauk Enzone
Janice Mauk Enzone
24. Mai 2023

Thank you for that great explanation of the soul. It seems kind of like what Eckhart Tolle says, that the soul is “that which animates the body“.

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