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Get answers and profound insights into the purpose and journey of your soul

Journey Beyond the Veil with Anita Moorjani
and Special Guest, John Holland

Join Near Death Experiencer and Best Selling Author, Anita Moorjani, on a 9 day Caribbean Cruise where she will unveil the mysteries of the afterlife with you.


  • What awaits us after we die? 

  • What do our loved ones do when they cross over?

  • Do they watch over us and how can we communicate with them?

  • Do our souls live on eternally, carrying the lessons learned in this life?

The Answers are Waiting for You...

One of America's most loved speakers and New York Times’ best-selling author, Anita Moorjani, will answer the questions you've been asking your whole life during this transformational retreat.


Anita's near-death experience while battling end-stage cancer - after which she emerged with a spontaneous remission - has forever changed her and given her a connection to the "other side” that she wants to share with you.

Anita's extraordinary insights have attracted the attention of esteemed researchers, scientists, mainstream media, publishers, and spiritually mature audiences worldwide.


This is your chance to join her for this exclusive opportunity to unlock the mysteries of the afterlife where she will guide you from the profound and unique vantage point of the "afterlife perspective.”

What People are Saying

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I never felt very important, but Anita has helped me realize that I am. While at the retreat I felt like I really mattered and my life is important! I’m discovering the joy of being me, and I’m so grateful!

Amanda Knudsen

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 4.39.44 PM.png

My time with you at the retreat in Scottsdale opened my heart to allow my mom in, after passing away 33 years ago. I appreciate you, Anita Moorjani. Sending you love. Thank you.

Robin Cohen

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 4.39.55 PM.png

A big bundle of gratitude to Anita Moorjani for the gifts she shared over the past four days.  Your words and energy helped me out of a dark place I had been in for some time.

Judith Cregan

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 4.40.15 PM.png

What an impactful profound retreat! I am so glad I attended!  Compared to other spiritual events I've attended, I found that it was so much easier to get to know my fellow participants well here. 

Shilpa Rao

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 4.40.34 PM.png

This retreat was deeply life changing for me and I’m so looking forward to the cruise in September!
What a beautiful gathering of like minded souls. It was so easy to connect to so many :-)

Yve Berry

Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 4.22.26 PM.png

What Anita was saying really resonated with me in a very deep profound way and I was just so honored to be able to be in the midst of such an inspirational person.

Event Attendee

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 4.41.17 PM.png

I am missing being with all of you and Anita… I had such a magical weekend.


Lots of love to all of you.

Vinisha Subramanyam

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 4.41.34 PM.png

I didn’t want to leave. Today was a bit of an adjustment for me. But I can tell I brought home a nice little well being upgrade. Thanks Anita and Danny for being your wonderful selves. You guys blessed me.

Scott Crucean

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Your journey to understanding starts here...

Immerse yourself as Anita Moorjani shares extraordinary universal wisdom and insights from her experience on the other side, while John Holland utilizes his gift of mediumship to bring the other side to us.

  • Unravel your deepest questions about life and death

  • Connect more deeply with your departed loved ones

  • Harness the power of a near-death experience without having one yourself

  • Learn to embody complete healing

  • Join a supportive community, connecting with others on this path

  • Feel uplifted, guided, inspired and unconditionally loved

Open the door to the other side & find a connection that never has to close.

Anita Moorjani Edited-2953 V1_edited.png

During the teachings at this uplifting retreat, you will get the answers you seek, you will learn that you are always guided; and that we live in a benevolent Universe.

This new environment will make it so much easier for you to revel in our high-vibe marinade and integrate your transformational experiences, to attain lasting change.

Explore and discover with a community of like-minded souls.


Even if you arrive by yourself, you will not be alone during this transformational journey!

Travel aboard the very highly-rated Holland America's newest ship!


Be first to experience MS Rotterdam's Pinnacle-class luxury on her inaugural voyages.

Expect a deeply personal experience as each module and practice session is thoughtfully designed for the cruise, ensuring an immersive understanding of the concepts and opportunities for reflection and integration both on and off the ship.


Joining Anita as a special guest is John Holland, internationally renowned psychic medium. While Anita has been on the "other side," John receives communications from the beyond, acting as a bridge between our world and the next.

He will empower you by facilitating direct connections with your lost loved ones and guiding you to tap into your own psychic potential.



Invest in Your Soul and Connect with Spirit

Set sail on a luxurious vessel, where breathtaking ocean vistas serve as a backdrop for a week filled with deep introspection, connection to the other side, personal growth, and joyful connections.


Indulge in delectable cuisine, relax in pampering spa treatments, and revel in the beauty of tropical paradises along the way. Embark on a voyage beyond the veil that will forever transform your life.

A Message to You from Anita

Dear Friend,

I'm really excited to let you know that I'm finally heading back out to sea - my favorite place to be! It's really been far too long. I can't wait for the day of sailing to arrive, and I would love for you to join me! On this adventure, we're sailing down to the sunny Caribbean, so we can soak up the pleasures of paradise, while we explore the mysteries of the other side and the afterlife!

I can't wait for us to spend these 9 glorious days together, immersed in breath-taking nature, magnificent beauty, music and guided meditative journeys. And imagine doing all of this with a community of like-minded souls! Even if you arrive alone, you will not be alone during the journey! Being away from your usual environment will make it so much easier for you to surrender to our high-vibe marinade and integrate your transformational experiences, to attain lasting and permanent change. This promises to be an uplifting and high-vibe retreat where you will learn that you are always guided; and that we live in a benevolent Universe.

Mark your calendar and bring your cameras for the tropical paradise you won't want to miss -- PLUS a selfie or two -- while crossing the Caribbean off your bucket list!


Anita Moorjani Edited-2974 Extended Lightleak V1.2.jpg

Take this chance to embark on a rare and transformative journey beyond the veil, witnessing firsthand the awe-inspiring and uplifting view from the other side.


This retreat promises to expand your awareness, provide answers, guidance, and profound insights into the purpose and journey of your soul.

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