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All You Need is Love

This week’s blog is a simple reminder: you don’t have to do everything when someone is ill. Sometimes we are so upset when a loved one is suffering, we try to find things to do to help them when we aren’t asked for help, and we feel like we are sitting around being ‘useless’.

My big takeaway from myself being ill and dying was that all Danny needed to do was be present for me. All any of us need to do is be present. For example, if your child is ill, and you are being a diligent parent getting and giving the most appropriate assistance for them, and nothing seems to be working, the most useful thing you can do is be present for them. Be in the present moment with them, every moment you are with them.

You see, our usefulness as humans with souls shows in our unwavering love. Love them through it all, whatever ‘it’ is. Love them, be non-judgmental, and remind them that there is joy in love. Help them to recall the joy they can feel in their journey. I guarantee you, this is the most important thing you can do for anyone you are supporting.

Much love,



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