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Being Authentic with our own Healing Love

Here we are at the end of June, the month I’ve focused on our healing love. Love is healing. When we have it in spades, we believe it. When we don’t, we wonder what went wrong. I just want to remind you that nothing went wrong. Things are playing out for your soul in a journey it planned, and while it has no intention of doing harm, we know it can sometimes feel that way. So in the times when you feel like your soul has given you a raw deal, embrace all that you are, every single part of it. I said this recently in another post, but I’ll say it again: when you accept all of yourself without judgement, this is healing, this is love. This is the power of healing love.

Authenticity involves these aspects of self-love and acceptance, and it’s the reason why we progress and fall into harmony with our soul’s journey.

The film Love Heals by Krisanna Sexton and her partner Dana Croschere, which was lovingly provided to Sanctuary members and presented at my From Healing to Whole event earlier this month, highlighted the mystical wisdom behind the concept of self-love. It’s not some new aged, hippy dippy thinking. It’s ancient, it’s real, and it’s so true to my mission and spreading my story.

Authentically yours in love,



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