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Choosing Help

There are alternative modalities of health and well-being that are available to us when we look for them. Sometimes we don’t even know that there ARE alternative treatments, practices and therapies available. All it takes is a little bit of investigation to open up this world of information. The list of alternative therapies that exists right now is longer than I am able to recite here for you, but if you do a simple search online, you’ll surely find mention of ones you’ve never heard of before that might be right for you!

In my life I have tried many different kinds of alternative and complementary therapies, and found a few that really resonate with me. But you know what? What resonates with me as a good alternative therapy (one that makes me feel energized, and one I feel that changes me for the better emotionally, physically, and spiritually) might not resonate with you! And that is ok. I tend to go for NET (neuro-emotional technique) to discover how my energy levels are doing and helping them to swing upward when needed.

If you're interested in finding out more about NET, you can watch an interview I did with my dear friend, and amazing specialist Erika Barrantes (MSOM, L.Ac.) here! Erika will also be appearing in the Sanctuary Magic Hour this month. This time, Erika will share with us her ideas on how to help us recognize when our energy is low, and give suggestions on what to do about it! Please visit to learn more about Erika and her alternative therapies!

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Elena Ilcheva
Elena Ilcheva
Jul 05, 2023

Hi, Anita, I have been thinking to ask you if you have ever tried Homeopathy as healing modality in your live and what is your view on this wonderful modality?

Thank you very much.


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