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Connecting with Spirit - It’s Not Scary!

If you're around later this morning, at 10am PST to be precise, I hope you'll tune in to my Facebook Live with the most wonderful guest: Psychic Medium John Holland! John is not just a colleague, he’s a friend. He’s the real deal, and he is as kind, warm and gentle as he is a total professional!

I know many people are afraid of what psychic mediums do and sometimes are not quite ready to hear from their dearly departed who are on the ‘other side’. However, I am always ready to hear from my loved ones because I know for certain that they love me, and they support me. This is something that I wish everyone would believe as firmly as I do. When your loved ones cross over, one of their ‘jobs’ is to support us in our journeys here on this side. When a psychic medium connects with spirit, those connections are intended to reinforce the fact that we are loved, and we are supported by them. Sometimes interesting information gets presented, but all of it is meant to be for our highest good. I know this from not only my NDE, but from hearing from my ‘peeps’ on the other side through different mediums that have connected me to them!

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that you need not fear your spirit support team members if you think they are sending you messages. They only send from a place of love, out of their love and support for you!

Much love,


*Link to watch the replay on YouTube COMING SOON!*

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Dear Anita,

I have watched several videos of mediums who - apparently - channel contact from relatives who have passed. Have also attended a couple of sessions. My strong feeling is that the mediums are picking up content from the living persons' unconscious. Being a user of my own psychic ability, I know that this is entirely possible. That most of the - supposed - messages from the relatives are relatively threadbare, is a pointer. Where some counsel is contained, this can be an awareness that has been barred from the conscious. A well known medium produces portraits of the relatives, then proceeds to wind up; with " I leave you with their love." I chanced on a video of…

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