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For the Love of… Myself

This whole month of June is going to be a month of healing, a month of love, and a month of understanding how love heals.

Self-love feels hard sometimes. Especially when we’re in the thick of a bad mood, or not feeling well, a period of burnout, or we’ve received some bad news. But what I continue to remind myself, and you, about is that it’s ok to have 'not-so-happy’ thoughts. Sometimes we need these thoughts so that we can go through the process of knowing that when we have them, we are being self-loving. You see, you are not judging yourself when you allow yourself to have unhappy, unkind, or un-well thoughts. And you know what happens when you don’t judge this aspect of yourself? Your sad, angry or frustrated emotions feel loved. When they feel loved, they don’t need to fight for your attention, and they will let go sooner rather than later.

So in this month of healing love, remember to love EVERY SINGLE PART of yourself! Even the stuff that sometimes doesn’t feel too good.

Much Love,


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