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Global Meditation

I wanted to write to you today to direct you to a Global Meditation I recorded that is available on my YouTube channel. This journey was originally released to bring about peace and healing right when the lock-downs were first happening in March 2020, however, I know it is still as relevant and powerful now in today's climate. I'm hoping that by bringing attention back to this guided journey and by having as many people do it this week as possible, we can bring about some calm to the planet, to our world leaders, and to all the people who need it.

Many of us are panicking because we feel like we are in an uncontrollable situation, and even those of us who are managing to stay calm are still being bombard by messages of fear, but all this is doing is stressing our systems out further. This journey is here for you whenever you feel you need to ground and calm yourself and for whenever you want to send out healing to the rest of the world.

The words I speak in this guided journey are to help expand your energy and maintain that expansion so that you can affect and expand the energy of anyone who enters your field. So we are not only creating a light and love filled energy field around us, but we are creating this field for the people around us, and for the world at large.

The meditation is only about 25 minutes long if you can make that time over the next week. And remember, just by being your powerful self, you are helping to uplift the planet. It's much easier than we make it out.

Click here to watch my Global Meditation. For more resources please check out my YouTube channel.

Love, Anita


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