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Healing from the Outside-In and the Inside-Out

You all know me and how I reach out to alternative therapists, like my NET practitioner, Erika, to help me with my wellbeing. But this week I wanted to just bring up a small reminder that healing isn’t singular. It is multi-directional.

You see, we often look for help for our healing trajectories from external sources (outside-in). In our search for finding wellness and healing, sometimes we get to the point that we hand over the power to the external sources of help. So we hand over our power to our therapist, our doctor, our dentist, our yoga instructor, our tai chi master. We go to them with the idea that they will heal us.

I’m here to remind you about healing from the “Inside-Out”. Remember, your soul is here for you. Your soul can access the esoteric level of energy and connect you to it. This is all done internally, and is sourced by you! This is your journey, and access to this kind of healing energy is in your grasp! Please remember to design your healing trajectory with the Inside-Out approach as much as you do the Outside-In approach with external therapies!

Much love,


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