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How to Help Those Who Don’t Want Help

I know it’s hard sometimes for us to be around our loved ones who are struggling and you want to help so badly, but they seem angry, or tired and frustrated and won’t let you help them. I know what it’s like to want to help someone when they are down and out, but they won’t ask for help, and when you make suggestions to them, they just argue. There is a way around this conundrum though, just hear me out.

When someone you love is in a bad situation and you have a whole bunch of suggestions for them, or you offer to do things for them but they won’t listen or accept your help, there is something simple you can do:

You can love yourself through their situation.

And no, this is not selfish. I talked about this in the last newsletter in a different way, but it is really that important, that I want to bring it up from another angle. When your energy is up, your loved one’s energy body feels your higher energy and entrains upward to it. Yes, it can be this simple to help. Just be present with your loved one. Be present full of self-love and know that their soul can feel your high vibration, and then their soul can harness your uplifting energy to assist your loved one in their dire situation.

Much love,



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