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It Isn’t Work!

Have you noticed that some people who teach about wellness and healing use the word “work” when they are talking about how to go about making change with our lives? I’m sure you’ve heard some say “I am doing the work with meditation, complementary therapies and still, I am slow to progress.” I talked about this frame of mind in last week’s newsletter and how you are not at fault if your dis-ease still lingers. This is always true, you’re not to blame for any of it. However, what I wanted to pinpoint today is the way we use the word ‘work’ in reference to the things we choose to do to move the needle on healing.

I have never thought of my journalling, tai chi exercises, chosen diet, or even my meditations as ‘work’. Work is such a heavy word, and to me, work is a word that carries an almost negative tone to it like when we say: “I have to go to work.” “I have to do this work.” “I need to do more work.” If you think of all of the wonderful things you do for yourself to reach and maintain a high vibe as work, those tasks are going to feel heavy and arduous.

If you can take the word ‘work’ out of the equation, then you can feel lighter about your exercises, meditations, diet, and your chosen activities. With the absence of the ‘need to WORK on it’, you will begin to feel better, you’ll raise your vibration and you will invite more healing energies into your life!

Much love,


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