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Know Thyself ✨

I hope this message finds you enveloped in spring sunshine! I'm writing to you today because last week, I had the profound honor of being a guest on the "Know Thyself" podcast, an encounter that unfolded into one of the most in-depth and revealing conversations I've had of late!


The "Know Thyself" podcast, as many of you might already be familiar with, is a sanctuary for profound dialogues, aimed at unraveling the mysteries of our existence, our purpose, and our own infinite power. In my episode, we ventured deep into the realms of consciousness, discussing the intricate dance of life and death, our miraculous power to heal ourselves, and the liberation found in truly understanding and embracing our authentic selves. We delved into the significance of releasing fear, the beauty of living in the now, and how our perceptions can shape our realities.

Your journey towards self-discovery is unique and sacred, and it's my hope that this conversation will resonate with you, offering insights and perspectives that nourish your soul and encourage you to embrace your infinite potential.


You can find the episode on YouTube, as well as on all major podcast platforms. I encourage you to carve out a quiet moment, perhaps with a cup of tea in a peaceful corner, to listen. May this conversation be a companion to you in your moments of introspection and a guidepost on your path to self-awareness.


After listening, I would be honored to hear your thoughts, reflections, or revelations that may arise. Please feel free to reach out to me through my social media channels or in the comments section below the video!


Much love,


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Hi Anita. I am so grateful for your story. I like you am a people pleaser. I was diagnosed in 2016 with breast cancer came back in 2019 with dcis and now I have invasive ductal adenocarcinoma high grade. I realize now how much I have suppressed in my life and how the people around me have affected me on so many levels. My journey has just begun and am loving my body for all that it has given me. ❤️

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