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Magical Marinades NEED Miracle Mindsets

I have heard a few people recently saying that they are having a hard time creating their magical marinade. I understand you. I know it can be tough when you live alone or remotely, or you work from home and don’t have colleagues, or you simply don’t go out very often with people you know. I know it can be tough to create a magical marinade tribe when you are isolated. But I want to suggest an idea for you. Our magical marinades can’t be created unless we first truly believe they can be. We must believe that miracles can come to us, no matter the circumstance.

So instead of approaching the creation of your magical marinade from a completely physical aspect (i.e. needing the right tribe, the right house the right job right now), start first with adopting an open mindset, and then allow yourself to feel as if it has already happened. Express gratitude for having your magical marinade, just as it should be, and you will experience the first wave of magic!

Much love, Anita

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