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Make it Easier for Your Guides to Connect

I always feel different when I am out in nature like when I go for a walk by the water, or when I’m relaxing in a park sitting on the grass, appreciating the trees and the wind. It is important for me to move my body out of the bustle of the busy world and give it a chance to stretch and soak in the higher vibrations of nature. I also appreciate the time I have alone, being quiet with myself because I can calm down and let the energies of the noisy world fall off my shoulders.

When I am alone, and in a quiet natural area like parks, beaches, mountains, forests, or backyard gardens, spirit has a better chance of reaching me. Because my energy rises when I’m relaxed and out of the cacophony of the normal business day, not only can I listen for my guides better, but spirit can reach me better! When my energy rises up from the physical tethers of this world, it brings me closer to spirit, where they can share their messages much more easily with me. So, if you can take yourself out to a place of quiet and beauty to be alone with your body and your thoughts, perhaps you too will find it easier to hear the loving guidance that spirit wants to deliver to you!

Much love,



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